Serum takes so many elements from the Access Virus (True FMing wavetables and voice stacking in each oscillator which can be morphed with other sources like hypersaw oscs, especially with that sync you cheeky bastards,) Massive (god do I need to list all the stuff like bending wavetables and the modulation options I’m not gonna list everything,) and a bunch of other stuff and puts it in this beautiful (fairly priced) package and it’s just honestly entered my 10/10 synth top 3 (other 2 being Spire, and Electra2)

this is absolutely fantastic and it pains me that I have to wait to get it (for my next paycheck that is, it’s already out)

try the demo and buy if you like it <3

I&#8217;m producing in bed with dual screens and keyboardHas science gone too far?

I’m producing in bed with dual screens and keyboard

Has science gone too far?

soundgoodizer has a good point i can just keep this for Q&A to help people out with sound design, maybe i wont delete

Considering deleting tumblr due to the companies I’m working with not allowing my work to be public until release

I can only post weird sound design stuff, not really any WIPs anymore. That sucks. but oh well

Hey I just wanted to say that I've always thought your music was rad and I plan on buying your new album when I get some cash :)

thank you so much :D (finally getting to these questions)

Yo, just dropping by to say that I think your album is super sick and I still can't get over the tempo switch up in S2TB-303 even after listening to it for like the 20000000000th times now. Awesome work man <3

ayyyyyyyy thank you so much <3

I don’t really post on tumblr all that much but I’ll try to. It’s difficult to post WIPs now because the labels and companies tend to keep it private as much as possible.

Have an audio thing. Warning: probably loud

74 plays
On the bright side, your fans are nice folk :V

definitely, like it’s nice that they pay attention

at s2tb gathering 2014 even though my japanese was shit the fans were so sweet, asking about my health, asking how i was, i was able to talk to them on a personal level, i also gave 7 piggybackrides

they’re all sweetiepies and i want to spend time with each if i could




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