Akira Complex - The Synthesis Collective comes out on iTunes/Spotify/Amazon/Bandcamp tomorrow! On bandcamp there are CDs sold within the US in limited quantities via Attack The Music! Ready, set, I would say “go” but it’s not out yet! But move like half an inch forward in preparation!

I’m fucking howling dude, this is hilarious

I’m fucking howling dude, this is hilarious

My favorite part about s2tb gathering was being in the crowd honestly. I went to see shimamura (he opened with s2tb303 which was rad) and everyone in the audience recognized me, i gave hugs, signed tshirts, cds, (body parts lmfao,) and really talked to the fans and got to know them on a personal level, gave like 7 piggyback rides

the more i blow up the busier i get, that’s the nature of the business. i have no free time, ever. i get asked “what do you do in your free time?” i make sounds for future projects. but even if i’m busy i’m still thinking about my friends and family, and those who enjoy my work. it’s important, even if they’re short encounters, conversations, it’s important to always stay who you are in those situations. I also just like giving hugs because i’m a dumbass.

kors k, LED, me, and Sota FujimoriSota Fujimori is now a really really good friend of mine, and we’re collaborating soon. I’m so happy


kors k, LED, me, and Sota Fujimori
Sota Fujimori is now a really really good friend of mine, and we’re collaborating soon. I’m so happy

i love you akira have fun in japan xoxo

y-you too anon *nervous breathing*

Just keep doing what you love and put everything you got into it. don't let anything or anyone stop you from it. Good luck in Japan! <3

thank you anon <3

Kuroneko aka brown bear aka brother from another mother aka chocolate lover aka bestie here. If you didn't love what you do, you wouldn't have taught yourself all that you know and you wouldn't have a hot album right now. Think about it when you're not feeling down, ok? You really ought to give yourself more credit; I respect and love you more than any other.

Thank you Courun >< I love you so much man you’ve done so so so much for me and have given me nothing but love and support

I’m happy to have your name on my album in the special credits! I’m going to kill it at s2tb gathering

Brandon, I love you man. I'm sorry things are so shity right now. and I know how shitty it can be. but dont lock out your bros. if you need anything man you can rely on Cj, Arisa, me, your fam, and anyone close enough to know you as well as we do man.

I love you too man, thank you for being such a good bro! We gotta get the gang together, drink, and watch some hentai again

I believe in you cutie. Do your best as always and do as much as you can! Be happy for the good things-- it's okay to be upset. Pao loves u very much smooches

Thank you Pao <3333 Love you too!

stay positive. everything will be okay in the end

I needed this, thank you

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